Centauri Sector is a top down tactical space combat game powered by a dynamic turn based campaign, rpg elements, fleet management and ground base combat.
  • Pilot your flag ship in an awesome top down 2d combat.
  • While in combat manage your shields, power, weapons capacitor and more.
  • Engage in advanced tactical combat by forming your own fleet and issuing commands to destroy your enemies.
  • Gain new active and passive skills and bonuses by climbing through the ranks.
  • Equip your ships with a wide variety of modules and guns.
  • Engage in a dynamic war powered by a turn based dynamic campaign that doesn't always plays the same.
  • Participate in ground defense missions.
Centauri Sector
Centauri Sector Centauri Sector Centauri Sector
Centauri Sector Launches on Steam! - Wednesday, 24 June, 2015
After one year of development, my first solo PC Game is now released on Steam. read more...
Centauri Sector is now Greenlit on Steam! - Friday, 9 March, 2015
With the awesome support of PC Gamers, Centauri Sector got Greenlit in only 3 months. read more...
DevLog - Alpha 2 incoming - Saturday, 17 January, 2015
A status update of game for those that are following Centauri Sector development and update cycle. read more...
Update 0.22, Mac version and Winter sale - Tuesday, 16 December, 2014
After a few weeks and a few closed versions, Update 0.22 is here, ready to be played on PC and Mac. read more...
"Centauri Sector offers a lot of nice depth in a seemingly simple package."

indiegames.com, June 26, 2015

"Centauri Sector is a game that is located on the border of two worlds, strategy and top down tactical space combat. LW Games offers a friendly interstellar trip that will keep you entertained for quite a few hours. Certainly a case to follow."

game-guide.fr, January 21, 2015

"Centauri Sector – Strategic Tension with Tactical Awesomeness" - Video Preview

spacegamejunkie.com, January 20, 2015

"Centauri Sector is a fun way to spend some time, with an end product that is slower and more tactical than your standard 2d shooter, but still provides an entertaining amount of action."

bezoned.com, December 23, 2014