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LW Games is a one man indie developer studio founded in 2013. Formed by me, George Neguceanu after working several years in the gaming industry, i went to try my luck on my own with the goal of creating unique and niche based games for PC. In the past i developed a few small games for mobiles too, but my favourite platform has been always the PC.

During the years i worked for companies like Gameloft, Ubisoft and several small companies, start-ups, indie teams and now at LW Games, i am doing most of the work, Programming, Design, QA, Web Design and Marketing, while contracting when possible third party developers for graphics or other type of assets.

All time favourites: X-COM(UFO), X-COM Apocalypse, Master of Orion 2, Mount and Blade: Warband, CIV 5 BNW, Dungeon Keeper series, Silent Hunter 3, Deus Ex, Panzer General II, Caesar 3, Heroes III, X-COM EW and many more

Currently Playing: Crusader Kings II, Distant Worlds

Civitatem : Dev Blog 5# ā€“ First steps

You first step in Civitatem is to gather the necessary materials to build a stockpile read more...

Civitatem : Dev Blog #4 ā€“ First video and Pre-Orders

I recently released the first video, a teaser to show a bit of gameplay, and iā€™m planning to release more in the next few weeks read more...

Civitatem : Dev Blog #3 ā€“ Time and Seasons

In the current version of Civitatem a season lasts for one day, and one day lasts between 10 to 20 mins read more...