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Civitatem : Dev Blog #1 – And so it begins…

Since i am approaching the launch of the Alpha for Civitatem (4-6 weeks), i am gona start this week a series of dev blog posts to keep up to date with the development.

Civitatem was born out of my love for city builders and i think i can bring something fresh and challenging to this niche. Of course you will also find familiar features from similar games i was inspired by, or just because something might became a standard in some ways.


What bugged me a lot about city builders where my favorite are games like Caesar 3, Settlers and many more, is that peasants, citizens didn’t matter that much and appeared out of nowhere, with no persistent needs or reactions, or if you lose one it didn’t matter that much in the long run, unless they were colony builders like Rimworld.

In Civitatem the most important resources are your peasants and with them and your skillful management you will be able to turn your first village in a medieval city, a center of trade or war. You decide. Each villager along with his family will have certain number of needs, but also skills that are increased each time he performs an action. So at first you will have a bit of problem in battles, hunting or other dangerous activities, but there ways to overcome that as you will see in the upcoming Alpha.


Beside managing and developing the skills of your peasants, you will have to plan ahead your strategy for each season, the food supply (some food decays), defense and training, scouting on the global map for trade partners and defense/offense treaties, find high education places to train researchers and teachers, and of course be prepared for what random events each season might bring, positive or negative. They are many other features i left out a bit, so you will be able to explore them in Alpha, or after.

Why early access? Well its quite hard to develop a proper city builder game without some proper feedback from players and but also as investment in time and money. I am planning each update or stage of development to be as polished as a launched game. Time will tell how well i will succeed at that, but that’s the plan.

See you next week and remember to subscribe to the newsletter, since i will do a private alpha test in the following weeks with the subscribers.

Blog Home » Civitatem : Dev Blog #1 – And so it begins…

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