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Civitatem : Dev Blog #3 – Time and Seasons

In the current version of Civitatem a season lasts for one day, and one day lasts between 10 to 20 mins, based on what speed you use: normal or fast forward (150% speed). Each seasons has its own challenges since food decays from season to season unless is stored in salt, food like meat or dairy products. At the same time, each season influences what food you can forage, if any, farm, hunt and fish. Farming and Animal husbandry takes seasons, so you always have to be prepared. Winter is always coming!


During the day all healthy villagers are available for work, but how much time will work and how fast, depends on their skills, their needs status and morale. A hungry or thirsty villager with no access to either of these, will work a few hours at most, and he might get sick, die or even leave your settlement. During the night, the villagers will sleep and replenish their energy, unless you call for an emergency time to work, which you can do once per year without morale losses, and once per season with some serious morale repercussions, but if you have an emergency or an incoming event, you have to react or hope for the best.

To keep you busy at nights, beside events, the Village Elder can be used for any task the villagers usually do, since his energy replenishes very quick and is immune to morale debufs. He also works twice as fast than any villager, so you can always count on him when the villagers are sleeping or are too busy with other things.

Temperature is another factor, mostly in cold seasons, when if the villagers are not properly dressed they will work only in short burst of time, so at first you might want to have your hunters hunt and then craft a few leather clothes, until you have resources to and a tailor to create wool clothes and later linen, and keep the leather for armors.


That’s it for this week. Alpha has been postponed to July for the moment so it can be as polished as is possible, and of course the closed alpha test, will be held a few weeks before release, with the most active newsletter subscribers and early adopters of Centauri Sector (my previous game).

Blog Home » Civitatem : Dev Blog #3 – Time and Seasons

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