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Civitatem : Dev Blog 5# – First steps

You first step in Civitatem is to gather the necessary materials to build a stockpile. While builders can get the necessary raw materials from the ground (after they are mined or cut), a stockpile is necessary to gather all construction materials in one place for fast delivery. Since you can build only one stockpile at the moment, the location of the building is quite important.


Following the completion of a stockpile, you must develop of strategy on what to build next. A barn for food? Housing for your villagers? Time passes and villagers only work between 5 AM and 8 PM. After that, they rest, sleep, eat and do other activities which you don’t have control over, unless there is an emergency.

Villagers can be assigned to jobs through the job UI. Large type jobs like farming, cutting wood, or foraging can be assigned to a large number of villagers, while specialized jobs like blacksmithing, hunting and similar, can only be assigned to only one villager per building. Since each villager has its own skills, you can assign them manually by clicking on them, or by using the villagers list since the job UI assigns jobs randomly and doesn’t take in consideration skills.


Besides housing, food is quite important, since it decays every season. So whatever you gathered/produced this season, next season if is not preserved (like meat to smoked meat by using salt), is destroyed. If you build a village hall, certain stats will be gathered for you to understand how much food and other resources are used by village. It’s also important to have high skilled farmers planting seeds in the spring so you can harvest raw food sources at the beginning of autumn. After that, the raw food is transported to the barn and you need to build or assign specialized villagers to produce food from these raw materials. Example: Raw Grain goes to Barn > Baker takes it to the Windmill > Processed grain goes to the Bakery and Bread is made.


Each villager has several attributes and skills where the most important are health, energy and morale. Morale is the formed from all the needs, random events and certain resources if available. Each skill is increased by small margin when the villager successfully completes an action on his job. Having a low morale for a number of seasons, a villager and his family might decide to leave your village.


Your population is increased with high morale families that have a chance to make children each season. Children age to 16 in one year, when they can start working. Up to that age will try to help with housing chores, like getting food for the family house, water and other resources.

Temperature is also a factor since villagers cannot work if is too cold, unless they have proper clothes (produced from hides by the Hunter or later, by a tailor from flax or cotton), or if is too hot, they need to take pauses to drink water. Some might even get sick, but if you have a Herbalist he should take care of the problem, but it will take time based on the gravity of the illness.


Here are some screenshots with some of our awesome Early Adopters:


That’s it for now. Thanks for your support,

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Blog Home » Civitatem : Dev Blog 5# – First steps

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  1. Watershine says:

    Oooh! I see me! I can’t wait to play this. Like, i’m seriously hyped for it! It sounds really good, now i can’t wait to experience all of that live and help improve the game further. =D

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