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Civitatem : Dev Blog #2 – Building a village

To build a stable village and later a town/city, in Civitatem we need resources like: wood, stone, iron. Some of these resources regenerate every few seasons or so, like trees, bushes with berries, and others are limited like stone, iron, salt, but with research more can be discovered in the mountains or they can be gained with trading.


For common major actions, we have the ability to assign jobs to a larger number of villagers and specialized jobs like hunting, fishing, herbalism to only a few per building. The system selects the most qualified (based on villager skills) but the selection can be done manually as well.

Actions like tree cutting, stone cutting and so on, are assigned to a desired area and the villagers will be assigned automatically to the area based on their current job, which can be changed anytime to speed up any action.


At first we have only the technology to raise building made of wood, later with education and research, we can build stone based buildings that are tougher and safer.

Every villager and his family has needs, common needs, like a shelter/house, food, water and more. As your village transitions to a small town/city, villagers will get other needs. They might acquire a need entertainment, education or religion. When not fulfilling the needs, the villager and his family might die, get sick or most likely leave the village, after a season or two. Fulfilling the needs, it will raise the morale of each villager and they will work faster and for a longer time.

That’s it for now. On the next dev blog i will talk about seasons, time and how it affects every bit of your village.

Blog Home » Civitatem : Dev Blog #2 – Building a village

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