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New update and November Sale on Steam


Hi Guys,

This is the second major update since the first patch, even though i have released hidden patches during this time, to fix bugs or similar issues. The biggest feature that this update brings, is a new save system. This system auto-saves the game every 2 turns on two saves files and their is also the old save and exit on different slot. This will help the players continue from certain points during their game, but the saves will be deleted once you loose the game.

To celebrate this new update, Centauri Sector is 50% off for 6 Days on all major stores.

Additional fixes, improvements and additions:

– Double shield regeneration ammount
– Improved the event system spawning
– Morale change is displayed when a friendly fleet wins an engagement

– fixed a bug with the camera stuck or zoomed in
– fixed a bug where the flagship range was missing on load game
– fixed a text bug on intro
– fixed a bug when friendly fleet got stuck on certain situations
– fixed a bug when on skipping the tutorial the game spawned more enemy ships

Thank you all for your support and have fun playing the game!

George Neguceanu,
LW Games

Blog Home » New update and November Sale on Steam

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