Centauri Sector Launches on Steam!

After one year of development, my first solo PC Game is now released on Steam. I hope people will enjoy it, and will grant me the chance to continue the development of this game and others. Steam Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/355810/ The game will also be available soon on Humble Store, IndieGameStand and Itchio. Thank you […]

Centauri Sector is now Greenlit on Steam!

With the awesome support of PC Gamers, Centauri Sector got Greenlit in only 3 months. The next big update is a little behind the schedule i made, but it should be available as Alpha 2 this month. After that, i will concentrate on finishing the game and in the next three months or so, the […]

Dev Log – Alpha 2 incoming

A status update of game for those that are following Centauri Sector development and update cycle. Currently i am working hard to release Alpha 2. It will be ready in February and it will be a big update which introduce the ground combat in Tabula Rasa system, improved graphics, bug fixes, balance tweaks and more. […]

Update 0.22, Mac version and Winter sale

After a few weeks and a few closed versions, Update 0.22 is here, ready to be played on PC and Mac. This update brings a few new mechanics, improves progression, adds a few new missions and fixes to several bugs. Since its December i decided to put the Early Access on sale with 50% off, […]

Alpha 1 Launch

Finally! After four months of development, we are getting somewhere. So far, i am pleased with the results and i am eagerly awaiting feedback from players. Upcoming builds will bring more polish to the Tabula Rasa system along with new content additions, like missions, equipment and improved campaign logic plus bug fixing. Alpha 2 will […]

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