Update 0.22, Mac version and Winter sale

After a few weeks and a few closed versions, Update 0.22 is here, ready to be played on PC and Mac. This update brings a few new mechanics, improves progression, adds a few new missions and fixes to several bugs. Since its December i decided to put the Early Access on sale with 50% off, […]

Alpha 1 Launch

Finally! After four months of development, we are getting somewhere. So far, i am pleased with the results and i am eagerly awaiting feedback from players. Upcoming builds will bring more polish to the Tabula Rasa system along with new content additions, like missions, equipment and improved campaign logic plus bug fixing. Alpha 2 will […]

October Update – Alpha 1 incoming

After almost 2 months since the announcement of Centauri Sector, i’ve been very busy working full time towards Alpha 1 stage and soon, a stable build will be available as early access and for press/youtubers. At the end of October, beginning of November, i am planning to put the game on Steam Greenlight and eventually […]

The Mobile Trap

I’ve been a PC Gamer all my life and of course my concepts were aimed at PC, but life has a funny way of not letting you do what you love all the time, so during the years i worked on consoles too, but on PC i have all the freedom i need to make the […]

And So it Begins…

Now that i managed to develop a playable prototype for which i received positive feedback from developers and gamers, Centauri Sector is officially announced. I will update the status of the project at least once per month, most likely more than that, once i get close to a stable alpha. While i am not a big […]

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