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Game Status and Q&A

Postby LW Games » Tue Sep 06, 2016 9:57 am

Hi Guys,

Civitatem is currently in pre-alpha and i hope in November-December i will launch the alpha on the official site and a few stores.

Why go early access?

While i am not a big fan of EA as a gamer, as a developer on complex games like this i need as much feedback as possible to make the game as polished and tuned to the desires of the strategy/city builder gamers like me.

How long?

Well not years, but at least 6 months in Early Access at the first look. Will see in time. It will be finished and launched, not abandoned like some of the games we all bought.

Why a city builder?

Well i always loved this genre and i think i will bring something new with Civitatem.

Early Backing and Rewards

Once the alpha is ready you will be able to buy the game on the site with several tiers. On Tier 2 and up, you will be able to have your name or a nickname in game as a villager or raider and even name NPC Villages. Tier 1 will get a steam key and drm free version + early backer mention in the games credits.

------- to be updated

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