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Centauri Sector - Guide / Hints & Tips

Postby Mufasa » Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:56 am

Hi Guys,

Recently i decided to make a guide for Centauri, since i saw some of the people were struggling with the space combat or other areas, mostly because they didn't read the help, or they are not used with this type of mechanics. Remember to pay attention to the tutorials and access the help page by left click the ? icon in space combat or on the campaign map.

If you want to enoy the game, i recommend you to not read this guide, unless you encounter big problems. It's much more fun to play the game without guides, unless you are really struggling.



- If you just lost your fleet, or you think you cannot handle the encounters, wait for the friendly fleets to initiate or join a battle and then jump in. You can see a blue ship near the event letting you know that friendly fleet is in the battle.

- i recommend you not to buy anything until you have 1500-2000 prestige to buy a Dual Laser Cannon, or Dual Fusion Turret. Dual Laser Cannons are more powerful but have a lower range, so keep that in mind when you are buying your weapons, since now you can fire a little further if you zoom out.

- modules! modules! they help immensely to customize your ship and later is gona be important, since you will encounter big ships that you need to escape their powerful front cannons, so speed or pure dps or pure tanks, or you choice. I prefer speed with some damage.

- skills: the most important for me, i can tell you is the cap dissipator, the first skill in the middle, the rest it depends on you self buffs or fleet buffs.


Tactical Space Combat:

- Energy management is very important! If you have full shield or enough of it, keep your energy to weapons to kill faster. If you are alone and it seems you are in trouble, redirect energy to engines and kite the enemy (run and fire, avoid their bullets).

- if things get tricky, retreat! SHIFT+R. You can come back later most of the times, but it's better than to lose your ships.

- energy to shields only works if you have a very tanky setup (lots of armor/shield modules and skills) otherwise is not worth it.

- do not lose your escorts! on tough missions use them to bait the enemy into areas you want them to go or to split them. Or if they are engaged and you cannot see them, use the TAC map (TAB default key) to see their heath or to give them orders.

- use TAC map to pause the game and make tactical decisions.


Ground Missions

- ground missions can be easy if you understand the mechanics. While at first sight, is just another TD type of missions, at a closer looks they are not, even if many players don't understand what's goin down there.

- most overlooked feature is that you can sell your turrets, and then you can sell your turret spots to relocate or gain extra resources. This is great when you build turrets in some part of the map, and enemy changed their attack vector or you didn't foreseen that they will attack from a specific place.

- use the skills, mines are great and cheap, air strike is great if you can see line up , since it can destroy 2-3 enemies in the attack run, and the EMP is also quite powerful when you need a break to repair things.

- also another overlooked feature, is that you CAN PAUSE ANYTIME, i ve seen some let's play that hurt my head, it's like people don't want to read, or even explore anything anymore, they need you to tell them everything. Space toggle Pause on/off, 1 normal speed, 2 double speed or you can click on the game speed icons on the bottom left on the UI.

- scouts can be quite good, if you are attacked from multiple places and you want to reinforce a side, you put them behind the turrets, and deselect them, by left click on a empty space on the map.

- Turrets types: Machines guns are good for scouts and soldiers, Cannons are good for tanks and Heavy Laser/Beam whatever is called, it's good for long range against those rocket launchers.

- when you are attacked from multiple sides, on one side use target priority for your turrets (right click on enemies) and on the other side use your support skills and balance the sides by reinforcing with scouts units.

I hope this guide or hints and tips helped you guys.
Fly safe Commanders!
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Re: Centauri Sector - Guide / Hints & Tips

Postby LW Games » Tue Jul 14, 2015 7:29 pm

awesome guide! sticky!

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