Update 1.09

Greetings Village Elders, To celebrate the Steam and GOG Summer sale, i released this small update. Update 1.09 — improved the german language localization with the help of Maximilian Sommer— fixed a bug with raiders not attacking when players had no drafted villagers (reported by Voytek)— misc fixes and improvements regarding raids. I wish you […]

Civitatem is now available on GOG.COM!

My dear Village Elders, After the official release in August 2022, Civitatem has received over 15 updates, and is now localized in 5 languages. Development still continues, with the next big update planned to be released next month. Starting from today, Civitatem is available GOG.com! There is also a launch discount (-35%) which ends of […]

Update A 3.0

Hi Guys, With this update the main map size is now double in size, map generation has been improved and several misc addition/tweaks. A 3.0: — Double map size and improved terrain generation, now with also black edge border to help with scrolling and zooming.— Added one more level to zoom out function.— Improved season […]

Merry Christmas 2021

Hi Guys, To celebrate Christmas and the Holiday season, here is a new update. As with every year, Santa will visit your village during Winter, if you have a Christmas Tree installed. During the morning (7.0h) you will be able to open the presents he left in your village. More over with this update i […]

Update A 2.97 and Summer Sale Event

My fellow Village Elders, Here is a small update to celebrate the Summer Fest and to prepare for the upcoming content updates, coming next month, excluding small patches and hotfixes. After a few months of hiatus, i am back working full time, so you should expect from now on one big update each month, to […]

Winter Holidays Event!

Dear Village Elders, During this event (22 Dec-5Jan) Santa will visit your village during the winter nights and give you presents that you can open once the day comes (7.10h). You will have to build a Christmas Tree for him to come, just hover and click on the big christmas tree on the bottom right […]

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