Update A 2.95

Dear Village Elders, With this update you can build a School to educate your village children and cemeteries to commemorate those that have fallen. School (max 1 building) By assigning a teacher to a school, 10 children can be educated at a time. They will start at 8.00 and leave school at 14.00. At the […]

Update A 2.92 – Endless Mode

My fellow Village Elders, With this new update, i bring you the much requested Endless Mode. To play this mode, in the difficulty screen, when starting a new game, select Endless Mode. In Endless Mode you can play as much as you want without the main game objective, but with a population limit of 100, […]

Halloween Update!

Halloween is here! And spooky ghosts will visit your village at night! Some are neutral and wont do you harm, some might get aggressive. Will your village survive the nights?! This is a small update to celebrate the Halloween. A few new SPOOOKY events and small bug fixes. Happy Halloween!

Civitatem – Combat Training

Hi Guys, To celebrate the upcoming summer sale, i released a new game mode, that includes 5 levels to test and learn more about the combat in Civitatem. To access this game mode, press the Combat Training button in the main menu and follow the tutorial. There will be more updates in the following days […]

Santa is coming to Civitatem!

Dear Village Elders, With this update, i introduced a new mini game that can be played during the winter seasons. Santa will visit your village during the night and give you presents that you can open once the day comes (7.10h). You will have to build a Christmas Tree for him to come, just hover […]

Civitatem – Halloween Update A 2.70

Hi Guys, Today i released a new update to celebrate the Halloween Spooky week:p – added some temporary graphics/sprites to celebrate Halloween – barn missing pop up less often – double speed reduced a bit – stockpile collision improved – added a tweak to prevent hunters getting stuck on the edges of the map or […]

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