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Update A 2.97 and Summer Sale Event

My fellow Village Elders,

Here is a small update to celebrate the Summer Fest and to prepare for the upcoming content updates, coming next month, excluding small patches and hotfixes.

After a few months of hiatus, i am back working full time, so you should expect from now on one big update each month, to recover the time lost.

To celebrate this year Summer Fest i am also holding an event link here: Name a Villager in-game!

Update A 2.97:

+ summer days are now longer, based on selected difficulty
+ you can continue playing after the end screen and credits, as free mode.
+ to win the game, population needed changed from 30 to 50.
+ villagers that don’t find a bed at the stockpile, will sleep near the fire.
+ miners priority hint now shows the current priority.
+ freemode is capped at 80 population for now.
+ temporarily more wood will grow when a new season starts (it will be changed back or even lowered than default once wood is on trade, and other buildings are added)

– game loading screen starts once again in window mode to fix the bug with window mode for multiple monitors
– fixed a bug with saving in some rare cases.
– fixed a bug with the builders not taking resources to the construction site when only one wood was needed.
– fixed some bugs with sound and music, beeing on while were selected to be off.
– fixed a bug with freemode having no events selected by default.
– moved the on map hints for priority and cancel building to the left.
– misc fixes and tweaks.

As always, thank you for your support and have a great summer!

Blog Home » Update A 2.97 and Summer Sale Event

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