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Update A 3.0

Hi Guys,

With this update the main map size is now double in size, map generation has been improved and several misc addition/tweaks.

A 3.0:

— Double map size and improved terrain generation, now with also black edge border to help with scrolling and zooming.
— Added one more level to zoom out function.
— Improved season transition and tree/bush regeneration
— Improved pathfinding and gather/haul behavior. More work to do next versions.
— Improved the overall action and reaction on needs PI
— Improved road construction, speed of construction and removing action.

– added close button to main windows, in addition to using escape, or other means.
– tweaked animal behavior
– misc bug fixing and tweaks.

*PI = Part I, PII comes in the following months.

Blog Home » Update A 3.0

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