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Winter Holidays Event!

Dear Village Elders,

During this event (22 Dec-5Jan) Santa will visit your village during the winter nights and give you presents that you can open once the day comes (7.10h). You will have to build a Christmas Tree for him to come, just hover and click on the big christmas tree on the bottom right on the UI, for more information.

Some presents give you resources, and others will give you unique gifts.

If you finish the game during this event, please upload a steam screenshot on the community hub, since at the end of period, the top 5 villager elders will receive a unique reward.

Additionally a few optimizations and fixes have been introduced in this small version, including a fix of endless mode that in certain situations it prevented you to play at 30+ population.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Blog Home » Winter Holidays Event!

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